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Saturate Toledo

There are still many zip codes that need to be "adopted".  If you are in one of these or want to cover one of these with the Saturate Materials,  PHIL at

In 2019, Toledo area churches started the effort to saturate the greater Toledo area with the gospel message.  We still continue this work with plans to cover 500,000 homes.  If you want to join in Saturate Toledo in a zip code already covered, contact Barb at to be connected to a hub church to coordinate outreach in that area.


There are still areas open for saturating in Lucas, Wood, Fulton, Ottawa Counties in Ohio or Monroe County Michigan.

Email to get current information and contacts in each area with the supplies to Saturate that zip code.

Saturate USA and other examples from cities working to saturate their area with the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel. 

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