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MERGE meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Each month, a different church hosts the meeting and provides lunch.  We start at 10:00am and end after lunch.  There are 2 emails sent out a month which has the Merge locations listed.Out of this, we are seeing other things birthed in His timing.  What we see God initiating in Northwest Ohio and in the tri-state area is exciting.Pastors, sign up for our email and join us to pray, worship and support each other in each person's labors for the kingdom.

Who We Are


MERGE is a monthly prayer gathering of pastors, (5 fold ministers) and city-wide leaders of the Northwest Ohio Region.   We gather to seek God, be in His presence, pray, encourage one another and walk in unity through our unity.      

When we gather together it isn’t about “doing” but about “being” in God’s presence and seeking Him on behalf of each other and our Region. Our only agenda when we meet together is presence, prayer, unity, and revival. It is our desire to hear what the Father is saying and doing and live that out in community.   God is building unity through redemptive relationships. 

Our Vision - Through relational unity, being lead by God’s presence and prayer seeing revival sweep our region and cities transformed.


Our Goal -  Presence, prayer, unity, and revival.    

Revival - Revival isn't an event, it is a spiritual awakening, a mighty move of God. It is a release of God's power, here and now, in and through us.  Revival is when the church leaves the four walls and takes the Kingdom of God into the 7 mountains of influence, where we make disciples and bring change in a city, a region, and a nation.   There is a spiritual shift in society, a redemptive lift to the culture.  Being disciples and making disciples.  ​

My prayer is not for them alone.  I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be      one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.  May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. ( Jn.  17:20 - 21)


​Relational Unity. - God seems to be working overtime on our behalf to unite leaders. 

As pastors/leaders have connected in MERGE from across Toledo and Northwest Ohio

and Mich.  Prayer groups are springing up in other communities and counties.  God is

reaching out across denominational lines, breaking down walls of competition through

relational prayer and fellowship. Pastors are discovering each other as we gather in unity

praying for each other and the harvest.  God is placing in our hearts Kingdom strategy

for the harvest.  We are seeing and hearing of initiatives of prayer, fasting, worship, and

equipping.  We are praying for a calling together of the Lord’s army…His Church.  Every

believer finding their place and being at peace with God’s positioning in their life.  We

are seeing different ministries coming together and serving our cities  with the soul purpose of His Kingdom being established.

               Action: Prayer..Lord, bring your Church together!
               What could happen as we cry out to God for revival?

Divine Strategies -  As relationships deepen and trust grows, we are seeing and could see strategies being birthed regarding prayer strategies, evangelism, revival, and even church planting. 
              Action: Prayer…Lord, download kingdom strategies from heaven!


Apostolic Council - As we gather to pray as God’s shepherds there should be an emergence of servant leaders with citywide gifting.  This may involved [5-fold leaders] pastors of large and small, urban and suburban, churches as well as multi-ethnic leadership.  It should cross over into the 7 mountains of influence.  An example of this that we have seen is a church that has a strong worship gifting sowing into a smaller less resourced church.  Another example would be a church is being planted in the intercity and churches in the suburbs coming along side and helping sow into the ministry.

               Action:  Prayer…Lord, raise up a fresh authority and anointing!

Security in Calling -  We believe and practice being servant leaders where we serve each other, the church and our sphere of influences.  Preferring and serving others.  As we pray together and for each other we find that God is confirming callings and leaders are settling into their callings.  At times confirming changes and giving directions.  As we press in together we hope that each of us will find and function in our distinct call and not be bound by traditional expectations on leaders of various churches, yet appreciate each of our strengths help and know how to staff weaknesses.  As we each evaluate and admit our weaknesses we can then yield to one another and see God’s best in each of us arise.  

               Action:  Prayer…Lord, bring security to the hearts of your people.

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